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Friends & Family

The People We Love


Andrea and Tish met each other in 1998 while riding Reining horses in Arizona. They got married in May of 2002 and quickly immersed themselves into the Reining industry in every aspect. Both Andrea and Tish consider themselves extremely lucky to be able to work together as a team, raise a family and be involved in the horse community. Being able to spend their days on the ranch, both working towards the same goals but in separate capacities, and still be involved with their two young boys is a dream come true.

While Andrea manages the training and show program, Tish manages the office side of the business, five days a week. Fortunately for both Andrea and Tish, as each day develops they get to share lunch together and break for quick stories with the boys about their adventures around the ranch.

At home, Andrea is the cook and always makes great family dinners where they get a chance to sit, enjoy the meal, and talk about their day. When the days are long in the summer, they enjoy riding motor cycles in the evening at their motocross track next door. Family trips are also a “must” once a year. When time permits, the entire Fappani family loves going to the beach, catching an extreme sports event or going to the mountains in the winter.


April 1st, 1977 (Italy)

Biggest Thrill:
Winning the Futurity

Favorite Pastime:
Riding motorcycles with the boys

Most Rewarding:
Working on the ranch with his family

For Fun:
Snow mobiling, Snow boarding, Surfing, Scuba, Motocross with boys

Most Obvious:
Loves working with horses, hosting clinics and teaching people

Favorite Food:
Traditional Italian

Soft Spot:
Nutella (hazelnut chocolate spread)

Other Interests:
New products that represent quality and style… cars, motorcycles, watches, clothing


June 15th, 1977 (Southern CA)

Past, Present & Future: 

Living and breathing horses forever! Started showing at 2 yrs old and learned from her Mom, Glenn Gimple and Linda Baker. Showing in all of the Medal Finals on the west coast, riding stock horses. Was introduced to reining in 1990 by Brett Stone and John Slack

Most Rewarding:
Having a family and being a MOM!

Biggest Thrill: 
Watching the boys grow up

Favorite Pastime: 
Enjoying the personal involvement with the business and working with the clients

Soft Spot: 
Sprinkles Cupcakes

Most Obvious: 
Loves colorful, long nails!

Proudest Moment: 
Winning the non pro futurity!


May 31st, 2004 (Southern CA)

My Dad

Favorite Pastime:
Mountain bike riding with my dad and brother.

Favorite Food:
Nutella Crepes

Past Title:
2018 RBB Non-Pro Derby CHAMPION LEVEL 1-4

Latest Adventure:
Went to China

New Love:
Guitar lessons

Most Fun:
Being a freshman in high school

Horse Show Interests:
Showing a futurity horse.

Most Obvious:
Spitting image of his Dad… expressions and all!


Nov 16th 2006 (Southern CA)

Happening Now:
He is a 6th grader at HTES

Favorite Pastime:
Racing and loves it when family and friends come to cheer him on.

Latest News:
Qualifying for Loretta Lynns National Championships

Riding his motorcycle, scooter, mountain biking, snowboard, enjoys any type of extreme sport
Check Me out:

Most Fun:
Riding my dirt bike

Favorite Treat:
Vanilla ice cream with whip cream

Most Obvious:
Moto Kid

Best Friend:
Flynn (my American Bulldog) of course!