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Shiners Master, sold to Alexis Rankin

Irishdotcom, sold to Patti Cooley

Hot Rockin Spook, sold to Sharon Fraser

Holly Maq Gun, sold to Rancho Oso Rio

Spooky Whiz, sold to Rancho Oso Rio

Designed To Be Smart, sold to agent Tom Foran

Chant For Diamonds, sold to Juli Moran

Gunners Genes, sold to Claudette Palmer

Diamonds In My Genes, sold to Pat Fumagalli

Legned Slides Wright, sold to Eduardo Bernardelli

Wimpys Tejano, sold to agent Jose Vasquez

Gunnin For Stars, sold to agent Patty Brownshadel

SS Frankie Blue Eyes, sold to Juston Palmer

Electric Java, sold to Stephenie Bjorkman

SG Frozen Enterprize, sold to Silver Spurs Equine

Tinkers Redneck, sold to Samantha Roper

BH Is Packin Heat, sold to Marilyn Fleek

Mercedes In Crome, sold to Rancho Oso Rio

Sig Chex, sold to Jenny Sherbo

Money Trail, sold to John Egmore

Reverse The Chex, sold to Stephanie Ayer

Vintage Mercedes, sold to Jenny Sherbo

Custom Mahogony, sold to Silver Spurs Equine

Arc Spark It Up, sold to Edoardo Bernadelli

Cashenova, sold to Jenny Sherbo

ARC Captain, sold to Maria Till

BH Is Packin Heat, sold to Silver Spurs Equine

Arc Surprize Steps, sold to Lindsay Baar

Sir Hollywood Whiz, sold to Connie Perlot

Tinker With Guns, sold to Silver Spurs Equine

Lovem N Leavem, sold to Dave Denton

Son Of A Twisted Gun, sold to Moises Navarro

Dance With A Gunner, sold to Emily Burns

Steppin On Sparks, sold to HD Quarter Horses USA, Inc.

Starbucks Finest, sold to Koby Kempel

FS Sweet Chextocash, sold to Rancho Oso Rio

FS Gunnin For Chics, sold to Jefferson Abbud

Ghost Gun, sold to Margarita B Arietti

Steppin On Sparks, sold to Arcese QH

Working For Chex, sold to Pat Warren

Cashworthy, sold to Uwe Gerbig

SS Kiss Me Kate, sold to Silver Spurs Eq

MJ Roosters Gun, sold to Kristen Cantacuzene

BH Is Packin Heat, sold to Rancho Oso Rio

Misters Smokin Gun, sold to Rancho Oso Rio

Smoken Gunner, sold to Larry Stevens

Spook Off Sparks, sold to Silver Spurs Equine

Steady Like A Star, sold to Koby Kempel

Tinkers Got A Shot, sold to Tina McClenahan

Shiners Lena Duster, sold to Larry Handley

Wimpys Best Jac, sold to Lesley Martin

FM Master Spook, sold to Dana Van Alstine

Wimpys Playin Smart, sold to Alain Longatte, agent Brent Naylor

Modern Whiz, sold to Rancho Oso Rio

Modern Whiz, sold to Pat & Jim Warren

Brennas Dream, sold to Loren Booth

Quotacrome, agent Steffen Breug

Whizs Lil Step, sold David Roux, agent Eric Laporte

Custom Diamond, sold Denise Bixler, in training with Marcy Ver Meer

Litn Up Conquistador, sold to Heinrich Abt

Smokeelan, agent Martin Muehlstaetter

Spooks Semiautomatic, sold to Guy Motaey & Krystal Westcott

Country Custom, sold to Rancho Oso Rio

Spook Off Sparks, sold to Arcese Quarter Horses

Cashin The Big Chex, sold to Rancho Oso Rio

Designed By Gunner, agent Doug Carpenter

Vintage Neptune, sold to Jenny Loveland

Wimpys Gal Gone Wild, sold to Susan Lathrom

Chics Loaded Gun, sold to Gaylene Sawchuk

Taris Favorite Trick, sold to Tammi Nelson

Rio Dun Good, sold to Lian & Henry Roche

Custom Smart Olena, sold to Joe Moran agent Tracer Gilson

Memorable Steps, Gayle Samuelson

That Guysa Star, Jill George

Steady Like A Star, Pat Warren

Custom Spook, Rancho Oso Rio Jim & Pat Warren

Colonels Shining Gun, Roleski Ranch

Smart Chinas Chic, sold to Lian & Henry Roche

Dun It To Rein, sold to Lian & Henry Roche

Rosalie Dillion, sold to Lian & Henry Roche

Lena Dun It, sold to Lian & Henry Roche

Brennas Dream, sold to Jim & Pat Warren agent Casey Hinton

Genuine Chic Please, sold to Wagonhound Land and Livestock

Sweet N Custom, sold to Kelly Moran

Gunsmokes Ricochet, agent Tim Shelley

Quotacrome, Jim and Pat Warren

RR Hi Ho Star, sold to Katarzyna Roleska

Reverse The Chex, Einsteins Revolution X Chexy Dunit, sold to Lian & Henry Roche

2009 palomino filly. Big Chex To Cash X Vintage Dunit, sold to Lian & Henry Roche

Snips Mastermind, sold to Steffen Breug

So Electric, agent Tim Shelley

Reining Whiz, sold to BNE Syndicate, in training with Brent Naylor

Nick Tuck, sold to Day Creek Ranch

SLJ Smart Doc, sold to Katarzyna Roleska

Custom Spook, sold to B&L Holdings

Kaystein, sold to Roy de Bruin

Custom Slidetracks, sold to 23 Partnership

Snips Mastermind, sold to Virginia Langley

Cromed Out Mercedes, sold to Bob Loomis

Nimble Star Wars, sold to Corina Schumacher

Shiner Olena, sold to Katarzyna Roleska

Wimpys Little Buddy, sold to Kim Dooley

Custom Casino, sold to Bob Thompson / Lisa Coulter

Cromed Plated Step, sold to Dwayne Copus

Bettin On Big Chex, sold to Moises Murillo

Shes A Smoking Gunner, sold to Moises Murillo

Custom Chexy Nic, sold to Susan Lathrom